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January 25, 2010

Interior Style

We recently had our upstairs refurbished - the Interior design was done by a friend of mine from Elliott Design Partnership and she did an amazing job, combining quirkiness & functionality and miraculously creating space where there was none (as soon as I get a camera that takes decent quality pictures I will take some photo's to show you).  Eventually I'd like to get the downstairs done, here are some of the interiors inspiring me at the moment:


I am infatuated with this room - especially the turquoise walls (my favourite colour) & velvet covered furniture is a must have for me!

Image via Beautiful things to share.

It was the antique bottle & mirror collections that drew me here.

image via Plush Palate

There's a simplicity mixed with luxury to this room.  I absolutely LOVE the clear perspex chairs with their sheepskin coverlets!  image via Atlantis Home

I know the Turquoise room is a real contradiction to the purity of the white rooms - but hey - that's me, a total contradiction!

image via beautiful things to share

The skin on the floor thing really seems to be doing something for me at the moment - don't know why as it's never appealed before.

image via Ruby Press

If I could afford it - I would have a house full of fresh flowers all the time.  A mix of different bright coloured roses in unusual vases!

image via Little Green Notebook

Random picture groupings all different sizes - perhaps not everywhere but definitely a wall full.


I've been minding ChiChi Boutique in St Aubins for the past few days (met the most interesting people - even some Bean Scene readers - which was a surreal but pleasant experience), anyway, right next door to ChiChi is Steptoe & Son, an Aladdin's Cave full of the weird & the wonderful  - so very tempting and definitely worth nosing around if you're in the area.  I did pick up a little 'something' from there which I'll show you when it's in place!

posted by

I love all of these! I especially love the antique theme with the bottles and mirrors! Like pic #4, very boudoir-esque for a main room. I especially love the shoes on the stands in the background!

posted by

I hadn't noticed the shoes!! Thanks for pointing out the little details!

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