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November 18, 2010

Congratulations ChiChi

The party season has arrived & my week is choc full already! ChiChi's 1st anniversary party last night, a get together with friends on Friday, a ball on Saturday & Seabiscuit's 2nd anniversary party on Monday - oh the fun of choosing party outfits!  Click here to see the party at ChiChi.

July 26, 2010

Pearls slipping softly from a string

Wearing: Sunglasses: Vintage Carrera from Retro Sun(available @ ChiChi), Black cutout top: Hoss Intropia (available @ Manna) Silk Harem trousers: Set, Onyx & Silver Necklace: ChloBo (available @ Elizabeth Howell)

I don't know about you but I'm loving these warm Summer days passing by like pearls slipping softly from a string. Evening picnic's at St Ouen's, afternoon swims at Bel Val, quiet walks from Archirondel to St Catherine's, impromptu bbq's with good friends, the treat of dinning out at the Boat House and exciting, creative projects popping up all over the place - long may it continue!

June 28, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Playsuit

I think the last time I wore a playsuit like this I was 8 years old and it was pale blue terry-towelling.

I'm loving the grown up pink silk version!

wearing: Pink Silk Playsuit: Phard (ChiChi Boutique, St Aubins) Gold Jewellery (ChiChi) Gold Shoes: Fly

March 05, 2010

Currently Coveting :Cloudberry Heaven mmmmm

Today I felt like curling up in a ball with a hot water bottle and munching my way through a box of chocolate, instead I ran around town doing errands & the weekly food shop, I also took the opportunity to get you pictures of all the lovely new treats that are appearing in the shops now.  Here's what I found:

Let's start with Chocolate as I couldn't get it off my mind today

The Metropolitan box from Thorntons - the Manhatten Melt & the Cloudberry Hill from this box were like little pieces of melty heaven, actually so was the Praline Piazza, Q Couture and pretty much the whole box (shhh don't tell my Husband!!)

Next covetable treat comes from Hi Heels & Handbags, 18 Bath Street, St Helier:

Wait till you see what comes inside this gorgeous Penelope Parker Handbag:

Ok, so not only do you get a stunning, great quality leather bag BUT ALSO a furry lined laptop case (pictured in the middle - I want to buy the bag just for this, imagine I could blog in style from anywhere!!!) AND a makeup bag.  In case you can't tell - I love this! It also comes in Black and there are some quilted weekend style versions as well.

There were so many things that are just divine in that store - I have some pics of great shoes that I'll show you in the next few days.

OK, moving on from my handbag lust, next up is the new store in town Pebble Boutique - 5 Market Street, St Helier

How lovely are these shoes! Unfortunately I didn't get the brand of them so I'll have to update you later -( or you could go and have a peek yourself!) When you walk into Pebble you are instantly enveloped in the most wonderful fragrance, it's such an inviting space to shop in.  I also liked this Aryn K top for a nice pop of colour and the cut out shoulder:

Right, now for some cute collectables from ChiChi Boutique in St Aubins:

Victoria Couture Hello Kitty Limited Edition T Shirts - each one is numbered and comes in it's own collector bag

I like the black one too: - a v stylish kitty!

And now for the icing on the cake as it were - the necklace to top all necklaces from Manna, 7 West Centre St Helier

It's By Malene Birger (who else!) and I think it is just the most stunning piece she has made yet.  This is on my list (take note Hubby!!) of MUST HAVE's! Think of all the possible outfit updates you could make with just this piece! Sigh....

Well, that's me done, I'm going back to my box of chocolates (Thank you Dorothy - they made my day!) and perhaps a glass or two of red to wash them down with!

Have a great weekend everyone!

March 03, 2010

Made in Heaven -MiH

wearing: Hat & Shawl (worn as scarf): Becksondergaard

Black long sleeve cardigan: Cotton On (bought in Australia)

Black Studded sleeveless knit: American Retro

White Tee: Graham & Spencer

Black Palazzo Trousers: Charli

Shoes: Ash

I also have on a couple of American Vintage long sleeve Tees that you can't see!

There was a seagull looking suspiciously like he needed a loo stop hovering over me here!!


Ok....so I nearly froze today and you can just make me out underneath all the layers of clothing (I actually had 5 layers on  - well to be truthful it was 6 but I took one layer off for the photo as it was just too much padding!!) however, I had a pretty good day and discovered something I have been searching for for a looonnngg time - Jeans that flatter my shape!!!!

I have a tough time with Jeans.  I love the way they look on other people - you know, just effortlessly cool - and then I try on the same pair and suddenly there's this sad little saggy butted, short legged, muffin top bulging frump staring back at me in the mirror -  I'm not joking!  It had got to the point where I thought obviously Jeans were just something I couldn't carry off.  Until today. Finally.

My friend Charlie who owns ChiChi Boutique in St Aubins told me about the new jeans she'd just got in and said "why not give them a go."  So I braced myself for the worst and tried them on.  Shock horror - two of the styles actually looked really flattering on me!  The brand is called Made in Heaven - I think it's a 1970's brand that's been resurrected. I tried on 3 styles:

the Marrakesh: a 70's style kick flare.  Sat on my true waist, was fitted through the hip & thighs and then fell out from the knees into a flare.

The Paris - a cropped skinny: again, sat on my true waist and was skinny to the ankles. Very flattering on the butt I have to say and somehow managed to make me look skinny(or at least slim) too.


The Boyfriend: sat on my true waist, button up fly and loose baggy fit.  Did not look good on me but I can imagine they would look cool on the right body shape.

There was also a great denim shirt:

MiH Jeans available @ ChiChi Boutique, St Aubins

The good thing about jeans that sit on your true waist: no muffin top, no whale tail and they're not like the ridiculously high waisted trend that was everywhere last year which looked good on ?? I have yet to see someone it truly flattered.  These would flatter most body shapes.

January 12, 2010

The Midas Touch

I'm having a fling with Gold.  I've never worn gold - being a silver girl, but lately I've found myself drawn to it's warmth.  A number of the costume jewellery ranges around have a great vintage look to them.

Yesterday I had fun gilding myself in Manna and today I braved the cold and went to St Aubins for a treasure hunt in ChiChi.  I had a fun, inspiring morning chatting with Charlie and looking through all her amazing pieces.

wearing: Blouse By Malene Birger (Available @ Manna), Jeans Oasis,

All Jewellery available @ ChiChi

The Gilded Treasure Tree in ChiChi Boutique

I have a thing for snake jewellery.  I've got a Swarovski snake necklace & a By Malene Birger snake belt - am thinking I might have to add a snake ring!

All Jewellery shown available at ChiChi Boutique, La Neuve Route, St Aubins, Jersey.

I had a great day and saw sneak previews of all the Spring Summer goodies coming into a few of the Boutiques in Jersey - I will share all with you as soon as I can but be warned - it's ALL gorgeous, S/S 2010 is going to be a great shopping season!

Quote of the Week

"Inspiration gives no warnings." Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Librarian Chic

Confession time: I am a secret logophile.


"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kipling


In my world, words have colour and texture (making the dictionary a pretty exciting read for me - and yes, I am that geeky!)


Here's my Words of the Week:

Tittynope: refers to a small quantity of anything left over be it a measly morsel of gristle remaining on a dinner plate, or the dregs of draft beer left nestled behind in the bottom of a tankard at a tailgate party.


Callipygian -(adjective)having buttocks that are beautifully proportioned or finely developed!Nudnick - a boring or pestering person, Noctivagous-wandering in the nightInshopnia - unnecessary online purchases due to insomnia


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